Getting started

Work. It represents different things to different people. Lately I have been thinking a lot about what work means to me and others and everything it is and everything it enables. I have always wanted to know more about all the unconventional ways in life and what people have done to achieve them. Another big theme for my blog will me internationality as I have never felt like life is limited to your home country. Languages and cultural knowledge are looked for by employers in most fields.

I have met many amazing and interesting people during my life and I am very lucky to have sparked an interest in them to participate in my new and independent venture. Hopefully with time I can get that spark to catch on more and more people around the world! Along the way you will hear about my travels and life as I introduce you to my interviewees.

Starting this blog is my way to explore work and life and also to offer a forum for others to do so as well. This is new for me but I am excited about all the possibilities and also seeing how I can make it evolve. I want to maintain an open attitude towards everything I will encounter along the way including all your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for stopping by.


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