One month into my project

There are many interesting stories about work out there! I didn’t quite predict that I would get to enjoy networking as much as I have after such a short while. I have been introduced to many new people with fascinating stories. All this has made me excitedly plan how to expand and develop my blog!

As I get along I will keep work and travel as my main themes. I want to explore into studying and voluntary work as I see them stretching out within these themes. Stories about living and working abroad and getting to know a new culture is also something I am interested in exploring via interviews! Networking is a massive part of making all this happen and I try to contact a wide variety of people around the world. Everybody has the right to pass the proposal for an interview, of course. I hope people I ask will find it flattering, and participating as contributing to an interesting cause, more than anything else. Never will there be anything published that you do not want to be published. Often everyday for you is extremely interesting for others! It can be odd as it is so familiar for you.

This blog has become much more meaningful for me that I expected. I hope getting feedback and sharing ideas with you is the next step. Also if there is somethings you have enjoyed, why now let me know via a like, a comment if not even a follow. As much as this is for myself it is also for all you out there.

Let’s get inspired!


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