Travel: Yang Shou, China

I can never pick one place, when asked to name the most memorable country or city I have visited. I would name them all. There is always something special about each country. It might be due to my early experience of living in Asia, though that I have a special place for the area in my heart. I have seen quite a few countries in Asia (but of course I would choose to visit all of them) and as the second largest country there, I had the most thrilling backpacking experience in China. What a spectacular and diverse country it is! There is so much to see and do and it keeps on changing along the way, so we had no dull moments! In Yang Zhou we rented bikes and rode around the country side and met interesting people and animals! I’ll be sure to return with more posts about China later on!

Yang Zhou China

Can you name the largest country in Asia or is it too easy of a question? 🙂


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