Travel: Xi’an, China

I wish you all a very inspirational and fulfilling New Year 2016! 

Xi'an China

Instead of fireworks it’s kite flying in Xi’an, China.


Travel: Irkutsk, Russia

We arrived in Irkutsk after spending four nights and five days on a train. I enjoyed the trip but one thing I did enjoy about getting to our accommodation was a shower! But having a few others straight out of the train too we did have to settle in a little queue. After that well deserved shower we walked the streets of Irkutsk, passing markets with pine “gum” (the most memorable product as hadn’t seen that before) and being entertained by wedding photo sessions with the most innovative and a little curios posing. It was a beautiful summer day (even though it is AGAIN cloudy in the picture) and funnily it was snowing. Not the traditional snow but the fluff from trees gave a similar conception.

Irkutsk Russia

Travel: Turka, Russia

They say that your life extends with a year if you dip your hands into Lake Baikal and if you dive in your life extends with 25 years. We were there in June/July and as the lake is really deep and huge, the water was COLD, summer or not. We started with hands but when we found ourselves staying with a couple who had a slide into the lake we didn’t hesitate and just slid in! There was really no choice if you would get your hair wet or not.. So we did manage to score that 25 years!

It was such a different sort of an experience being at Lake Baikal and Turka. It was a different world over there. Just walking in the little town it was like we went back in time.

Turka Russia 2

Turka Russia

Time off

While focusing on work on my blog, I think the subject of taking time off is something that should go hand in hand with it. I have heard many people talk about the busy times at work for the past month and the stress that comes along with it. Before Christmas there tends to be also other things keeping you busy so it can get overwhelming. For these few upcoming weeks I won’t be posting interviews but will let your thoughts wonder in traveling. I’ll treat you to travel pictures and we’ll see if I come up with something else as well. So remember to relax, turn off your phone and enjoy time with loved ones.

Travel: St. Moritz, Switzerland

I’ve spoken before how I find mountains so breathtaking. Visiting St. Moritz in Switzerland was no different. My stay there was a dream come true as I got to go snowboarding down those long and diverse slopes! With a few borrowed things and a rented board I spent a beautiful day snowboarding. Though it indeed was only one day it has left such an imprint on my mind.

St. Moritz Switzerland