Travel: Yuanyang, China

When backpacking the heaviest object that gets packed is often the country’s or area’s Lonely Planet. The travel guide I was introduced to by family friends, who are my idols when it comes to traveling! I remember sitting next to my sister when she got her first Lonely Planet as a gift from them, prior to her trip to Mexico. I was still to start my own travels then. The curse of being the younger sister, having to wait a little longer to reach certain things in life.

Back to China, the travel guide had stunning and colorful pictures of Yuanyang and its rice terraces during the sunset. They were in all the colors of red! We arrive there and were promised such a view. Wasn’t long until we realized that we were there at the wrong time of the year. A little thing called no common language had its hand in our high hopes. The terraces weren’t full of water so of course the colorful sun set wouldn’t reflect on them. Nevertheless we witnessed the beautiful views across the valleys and just sat in silence staring. It was absolute bliss and the view was stunning even without the redness reflected from the sun set.

Yuanyang China


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