Enjoy life!

If you have been following my blog you’ll know my goal is to inspire all of you to “think outside the box” when it comes to work. I do genuinely think work it super important in a persons life. As my interviewees have expressed, you work usually for the money, but the satisfaction you get from it can be a similarly big or even a bigger motivation.

I’m not going to talk about the importance of work this time around! This post is about something which also has a huge importance in life. As one of my interviewees said, balancing your sometimes demanding work life with your free time activities is necessary and something that keeps you going. I get the worst feeling when I hear about people whose life only involves work, they may work long hours, have no energy for enjoying their time off, or maybe don’t know what to do besides work. As I keep saying work is important, I think it is important because it enables you to have hobbies, eat, take trips, be healthy and you know, live, as often you do need money to do and to have things.

When you give every inch of your strength and concentration for work, something is wrong. You will absolutely have bad days with work, but when those bad “days” goes on for months or even years, it’s not right. So draw a line. Enjoy your work, but work so you can enjoy your life outside work. Spend time with your loved ones, have a hobby, exercise, learn new things, eat, pamper yourself and travel. It can even be just a small moment in your otherwise busy schedule.

As I gain years to my life, meet new people and read more, I realize that there are so many interesting and unique free time activities. I love to hear about people finding their own thing, something that excites them and something to absolutely lose themselves in. I’m not going to list activities. I know you are smart people. I just want to say that if there is something you are dreaming about, go out there and make it happen. If you are dreaming about dance classes, sign up for one. If you want to learn to cook, ask a friend to teach you or start making a mess in your kitchen with the help of some of the amazing and inspiring food bloggers out there. Step outside your own comfort zone, maybe you will find new things to do and love.

Just thinking about people being excited and happy, I feel like I might explode rainbows and butterflies! I hope you know the feeling of wanting to jump up and down because it is impossible to keep the amazing feeling inside anymore. The feeling of being so happy and free with your life, understanding that being happy right now doesn’t mean you are settling for anything but being able to enjoy the path to your goals! When you walk down the street think about a happy event in your life and SMILE! 

I’m going to go jump up and down now. I hope you have those moments in your life too!



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