Travel: Raffles Hotel, Singapore

This is my first real time travel post, as I have been posting pictures from my previous travels so far. Now in Singapore but not for the first time. I used to live with my family when I was little and I went to an international school. I started reading and writing in English back then and couldn’t yet do so in my mother tongue, Finnish. A skill I have enjoyed enormously through out my life. Between living here and now I have visited Singapore three times. It always changes and there is always something new to see. Of course the places I remember from when I was living here are the most exciting ones. Right now the weather is great, it’s hot but not deadly. It rains daily but not for too long at the time and as it’s cloudy the sun doesn’t add to the heat.






In a city where there is so much new and a city that keeps on growing, there still is much of the old to be seen. The Raffles Hotel is a beautiful spot to visit. With Singapore I love the constant presence of green. At the hotel the combination of the white walls and green is very appealing. The atmosphere in the hotels Long Bar takes you instantly back in time. The famous Singapore Sling was invented at the Raffles Hotel and in 2015 the drink celebrated the 100th anniversary. We tested the alcoholic and virgin versions. Both delicious.


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