Travel: Singapore – Three favorites

Vacation over! I left Singapore’s over +30⁰c weather and entered Finland’s -20⁰c brisk winter. My thoughts understandably wonder back to my trip. I was asked to name three of my favorite things about Singapore. I have actively avoided listing any favorites from any of my travels. I find it impossible to name a favorite country, city or experience. Now I am going to give it a go. In a way I don’t find too limiting or exclusive.

I Green

Vertical gardens, parks on the 30th floors (so, I didn’t count but they are way up there), parks, huge trees by the streets… However much Singapore builds, the city keeps nature strongly a part of the street views, and even looking up at the skyscrapers there are walls of green and trees up on the highest of the high floors. Singapore’s Botanic Gardens was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015. Also Singapore got something in the Guinness World Records, check the first picture below.






II Food & Drink

Yummy! What else can I say. The diversity in food is great and even the simplest dishes are so tasty. All the Asian cuisines are presented and the numerous food courts offer plenty of choice in rank and therefore price. The fruits are delicious. My favorite is Rambutan, but sadly is was not in season. The fresh fruit juices are one of my favorites too, this time I had Aloe Vera drink that was served with a spoon so I could enjoy the big bits of Aloe. In the little stalls that sell fruit juices also sell coffee, I love the iced milk coffee. The tastes take me back to the travels I have had around Asia. Good memories.







He is preparing us tea in a traditional Singaporean way, I was told. It is tea with milk and sugar. If nothing else the way of serving it was very flashy.

III Versatility

I had to think about this third one for a bit. Not because I couldn’t think of more things I like about Singapore but because it was hard to think about a word for it. In Singapore all of the different aspects of Asia and also the whole world come together. It is international in food, people and culture. People representing different religion can be seen walking on the same streets and staff in stores are from several different backgrounds. Thinking back on the the time I went to an international school there in the 90’s, I was in an environment with kids from all over the world. Also the new and the old buildings sit there in total harmony. As well as the previously mentioned buildings with the greenery. It is also a city of an extensive selection for activities, outside of shopping that is. With shopping, you can find a watch for two dollars or 190,000 dollars. So again, versatility. One thing Singapore doesn’t really offer… A beach with clear water… But one fact I would like to know is, how many swimming pools the city houses!











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