Inspirational Quotes

I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.

Thomas Jefferson


Travel: Ávila, Spain

I know I’ve said this before but yes, it can get cold in Spain too! Which shouldn’t be such a surprise as you can also go downhill skiing over there. Well, visiting Ávila in March still took me by surprise and I had to pile up all my clothes to stay warm. Weather aside it was a cool little Spanish town to visit. The town center is rounded by the town wall which gives the town a historic atmosphere.


Awaken from hibernation

After I got back from my trip to Singapore I started a new job. There is always lots of new that come along with a new job, and I have been dealing with all that lately. Also getting used to a different work schedule from before, has been a part of it. I will make sure to share these thoughts with you as everybody has that new job experience and these days it is more likely to repeat itself. More of travel, work and quote post are on their way too. I hope you all have had an amazing start to the year 2016!