Travel: Tampere, Finland

For me this is not really a travel destination as I live in Tampere. A big part of my readers are from elsewhere though so I wanted to share a part of my world with you all. This picture is taken in September. I’m still exploring the city as I moved here about a year and a half ago. Finland is a country of a thousand lakes and asking google about this I found 187 888 being a number often referred to when asked about the actual number of lakes. So yes, quite a few lakes. Finland is a sparsely populated country with most of the population living in the south. In addition of having lots of lakes, we have lots of forests. In Singapore one taxi driver who knew about Nokia phones and Finland made a joke about how Finnish people had to start making cell phones to reach the people on the other side of the lakes. I started with a kind laugh but actually started to find it increasingly funny… But this was about Tampere, not my bad sense of humor.



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