Interviewing Val

Here is a true story about how you can really turn your passion into your career!

There are a lot of people out there these days trying their best to keep traveling and to pursue their passion for exotic and new places. Read Val’s interview about how he did it! And then book a trip through his webpage 🙂

What is your job title?

I guess you could say owner/manager.

Where do you work?

I live in the city of Florianopolis in Brazil, where I have a home office. I have my own online tourism business called the Green Toad Bus. We basically help travelers get around South America on local transport and include must-do activities in many of the destinations.

How did you get in to the line of work?

Travel became my life after I finished University, and I fell in love with Latin America where I decided I wanted to spend a lot of my time. After studying Spanish I took a job as a travel guide, leading groups around Latin America for 7 years. I then started my own company which continues to help travelers experience South America.

Did you feel lucky landing your job?

Yes, lucky for the opportunities I have had to get into the travel industry in the region I love.

What qualifications are needed?

Passion and patience. It takes a lot of patience to set up in this region as a foreigner, which my passion for travel has helped me to achieve.

Are you striven by the work you do or your paycheck?

I would have given up a long time ago if it was about the money.

Does your work match your expectations?

Yes, as owner of a company I set my own expectations and don’t stop until they are met.

Describe a basic day at work. Does it vary day by day?

I have a hand in everything in the company, from the operational side, to the sales, to product creation and even marketing. My day is full with some things which are repetitive but also creating new travel ideas and implementing them.

What is the most exciting thing about your work and why?

The feedback from clients who take the time to write and say how much they enjoyed their trip and our style of travel. Plus traveling to new places and experiencing new things is always going to be an exciting perk of this job.

What do you get asked about your job by friends and family?

Friends an family are always asking for travel advice, which I am happy to give.

What is the best part of your job?

The same answer as what excites me most. The positive feedback from clients and the travel opportunities.

Do you have bad days or moments? Why?

Yes, mainly from bureaucratic business procedures institutionalized in these countries. Things are not always as straightforward and easy as we come to expect in first world countries.

Do you have any advice for people considering your line of work?

Obviously a love of travel is important, but a love for sharing travel is more important. It is one thing to just offer travel, it is another to offer experiences which you are passionate about.

Thank you Val!

To read more, to get inspired or even to book your next trip click here, to visit Val’s webpage!


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