Evolve And Be Amazing!

A new job. A new title. A new work environment. A new employee. A new employer. A new work schedule. A new work culture. There are endless new aspects in the world of work. Even if it’s the first time you enter that world or if it is the 20th. I strongly believe that change and new has to be expected and striven for even after years and years at the same job.

I wanted to write about this because I once heard someone say something in the lines of that person being “ready” and knowing all you need to regarding their work and saying how there is nothing anyone can say about improving their way to work or even having any need to improve. Insert the image of someone having their mouth drop open, their eyes expand to the size of plates and a nauseated green color to appear to their face. I was shocked and disgusted so decided to share it with you.

There are many different type of people out there and your personality is present at work. I believe in having a separate work-you from the off-work-you. You should impress co-workers and bosses by your work accomplishments and nothing else. It cannot be achieved by telling them you are great, you must show it.

As my intention is to inspire people to make their work related dreams to come true, one aspect that I want to emphasize in all that is change. Always want to expand your qualification, always want to learn, always want to reassess yourself and your work input and output. Surely there are many wildly wrong ways to execute your work and you might encounter people suggesting those to you. If that happens, why not smile and thank them and say you will consider what they said, because if you start closing your ears for ideas you might miss the great ones!

I cannot stress enough how important it is NOT to get stuck in a rut and to feel like you have reached that magical level of “ready”. Even if you work at a very repetitive position I challenge you to find ways to have variation in it. Even if it is the way you greet people or sign off an email.

Learning new ways to approach your tasks and to execute your assignments will absolutely make you a better employee as well as keep you motivated to do what you do (inspiration people)! Of course you should feel accomplished and trust your experience, as well as know how to put to account your experience towards new tasks. But don’t stop there. Have goals and when you reach them set new goals!

Be fearless. If you don’t feel fearless, fake it and it’ll catch up.

If you want to share thoughts, ideas or experiences, comment below. You can also send me messages privately or post comments on the blogs Facebook page essiparkkari.wordpress.com.


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