Me, a Blogger

I started a Facebook page and an Instagram account (@essiparkkari.wordpress_blog) which are exciting steps for me. I keep them active with blog related posts and pictures. Also I am excited to have a forum for all you to contact me personally even if just for a hello. Communicating with fellow bloggers is great. It is such a new world and so vast. I have still noticed that finding similar blogs has been challenging. Not to say that I don’t enjoy all the different ones. I have added many travel destinations to my list just by reading travel blogs.

Before I started my blog I read a lot about what the reality surrounding it would be like. I found amazing tips for new bloggers and felt like I learned useful things thanks to people who had more experience regarding the blogging world. I’ve been very excited about my blog, and all the feedback I have received has motivated me even further. The blogger gives the blog its character and everybody has their style to write, and there are hundreds of different types of readers per blog out there. Having a passion for blogging is quite important, it takes time and having a job can create scheduling issues.

But where did I get the idea to start blogging about work? It was a part of something that was a big step on my professional path. The story about that will be a new page on the blog. It is one of those great experiences I think back fondly. So I will get back to you with the subject.





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