Thoughts on… Travel

I love the possibilities to get up-to-date information on travel destinations. How great is it to find out about places to visit that you might not find in travel guides? Priceless. But how much does the negative experiences effect your travels..? While traveling I have met so many people and have many fond memories from chatting about travel experiences and other topics. Often times I didn’t even catch their names but learned a lot about their life.

This encounter happened years ago. I honestly don’t even remember which country we were at, but must have been somewhere in Asia. I don’t remember much about what we talked about but I just remember the absolute dislike towards a country this person manifested for the reason of having a layover “from hell” at the airport there. I’m sad how that one experience made this person feel so strongly towards a never-seen country. Reasons for this bad experience was no sleep and a flickering light.

If this information filled society has taught us anything it should be critical reading. Also good to practice it while listening. 


Thoughts on…

Trying something new. I have a structure I try to follow with my posts and thought I would start this new bit called “Thoughts on…”, which can be either about work or travel (and who knows where it will take me in the long run). In the beginning I was very hesitant about writing something of my own but now it doesn’t seem as scary. With these thoughts -posts I will try my hand in writing and sharing work and travel related topics with you all and hopefully eliminating any hesitation towards writing. 

Work has taken a lot of my time lately and sitting down to work on blog posts hasn’t always been the first on my mind when I do have a moment for myself. I am glad that I have found some great blogs to follow and with the WordPress app it is easy to keep up with them on the go. Writing on the other hand takes a little more concentration and my laptop. Reading great posts about blogging and it’s challenges (if it’s writers block or a busy schedule or something else) have opened my thoughts to all that regarding myself as a blogger. From the beginning I knew I want to shape my blog along the way. I started my blog for a quite specific goal that has in a way been reached now. I have realized I grew to like this topic of work and travel and by making changes to my blog and by not being too strict with it all, I think it has found a more permanent place in my life.

Thank you all for having an interest in my blog. I never thought this blogging environment and community would have such a special place in my heart.

Long introduction to all this… First “Thoughts on…” post up tomorrow! 

Travel: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My trip to Malaysia seems to have happened ages ago..! And no wonder as it has been almost ten years. It was a great trip and I enjoyed it enormously. I’m sure the views have changed but this is what you could see from the Petronas Towers nearly ten years ago. Notice all the building sites in the second picture.




The moment when your jaw drops and all possible words escape you…

I wanted to share a shocking work related experience with all of you. It took me a while to process it and still I can just be astonished that such people exists.

I walked into a school during my work day. It was for networking purposes and sort of like a social call. I had one of those no-words and gasping like a fish on dry land moments during this otherwise very pleasant visit. I sensed the same from my coworker who was standing by my side.

Before I tell you what it was what happened I’d like to tell you that there was a great quote on the wall of the school that said something like this: The most dangerous sentence in the world is “We will do it this way as we have always done so”.  As I have written about the importance of evolving yourself and your skills for a fulfilling and professionally satisfactory career development I was nodding in agreement to this great thought there for all the students and faculty to see.

You must see my astonishment when we encountered a teacher who said he has had enough training and courses that he doesn’t need any more. It came up in discussion about a course we have arranged for the teachers. I wish for his own reputation he would have said something in the lines off “sadly my calendar is too full” etc. The entire course has been arranged from the schools faculty’s initiative. I feel bad for that person. Self-development, I cannot stress how important it is regardless of the line of work you are in.

Thank you for reading through my ramblings.

I hope you have a great week and have amazing co-workers! 🙂

Travel: Sa Pa, Vietnam

After crossing the boarder from China into Vietnam we headed to Sa Pa, a village close to the boarder and in the mountains. Most days it seemed we were in the clouds. The village was full of the original tribe clothes wearing women, usually selling their own handicrafts. It was colorful and also nice as the people were friendly and eager to communicate even thought usually there was no common language. The food was good and the sights were marvelous. We walked to an area called Cat Cat with a hiking goal in the the form or a waterfall. Along the way you walked almost through the locals little houses (huts?) and got to play with the kids who were very interested in us foreigners. The locals would walk tens and again tens of kilometers to the villages for the day to earn some money on their handicrafts and with the height differences, I do have a lot of respect for them. Not an easy task in the heights with the air so thin.

Sapa 1

Sapa 2

Sapa 3

Sapa 4

Sapa 5

Travel: Sihanoukville, Cambodia 

I’m trying to practice what I preach, which means I am trying to keep work stress at bay and remember why  I enjoy my job. Looking at peaceful scenery helps and having just booked flights helps even more (I’m quite excited for my summer vacation this year). For now I’m going to get lost in this picture from an island just off the beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. I don’t even mind remembering how I almost broke my ribs slipping on the boat we got to this island with. I just remember the feeling of the sand between my toes and the heat and the sun and the cool water (which made the little accident and the bruises feel better). It was a beautiful day. Oh, I think this island was called Bamboo Island (I was working on it for a while there..).