Craving for a boring day at work…

Lately I have found myself thinking about stability regarding work more in-depth. To this day I have had two permanent work contracts and currently I do not. I’m sure there are many differences between countries when it comes to the type of contracts you get for your work as I know there are many variations already here in Finland. There are many changes happening in the world of work and it seems to me that people need to get on board with this continuously changing environment. How else would it be possible to cope? Am I too late to change my mind about work stability? And why am I thinking about this now?

The reason I’m writing about this subject is because I have faced many unexpected and unimaginable issues in a short period of time. Before I have always loved change as for me it meant new and exciting challenges. I always embraced them. They might always be pleasant but at least then you know and have the experience from it. Now I catch myself wishing for a little more stability. I do remind myself that this is work and I need be ready to evolve, but now there just is so much now I feel I can’t catch up. I always want to preform my best and now even though it has only been a couple of moments where I felt like I didn’t reach my customary level or performance I am using a lot of time to reflect on the matter as it feels strange to feel disappointed in myself.

One main thing said about the requirements for work today is flexibility and the ability to tolerate change. And no wonder. Companies need to save in this economical situation which means cuts and that means changes and added work loads to the “little people” as in the force keeping the business running… Sometimes things you usually realize about your own abilities need to be pointed out by someone looking in from the outside. Don’t push yourself to the limit, but if you do, be smart and demand some recovery time for yourself as well. And take in the feedback you get from co-workers and loved ones. They might see things you haven’t yet.

Having a million side tracked thoughts about the issue at hand, I think my thoughts about stability is a sign of needing to cut back and perhaps to cut myself a little slack, not to demand too much from myself. I want to feel good about what I do, I want to be able to stand by the work I do. I give it my all, but perhaps I have now experienced a little preview about what a road to a burn out might be like. By no means have I been at that point yet, but I think I have been shaken awake and I have started to reflect on my own well-being when it comes to work. Momentarily I got too busy to take deep breaths and leave out the negativity and concentrate on the positive. I encounter so many people at work, that I want to always walk away from a new person thinking I managed to give them a positive experience. That’s kind of the whole point of my job. So let that be my conscious work goal for the next month.

Summer and vacations are fast approaching and I can’t wait for it. But I don’t want to escape work having to face the same issues when I go back and I don’t want you to have to either. Take a few deep breaths with me, reflect on you well-being and set goals for performing better at work and feeling good about yourself after work as well.

All the best for your spring! Take care of yourself and help your loved ones and co-workers do the same.


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