Workself – is it a thing?

I have always been the emotional type and in the beginning of my work career I surprised myself by discovering a very professional “workself”, I’d like to say cold even but can’t as caregiving is kind of what I do. I think it is a way of handling all the hard cases I encounter, I can be caring and helpful without worrying about the awful situations after work. Also working with a lot of different people as my customers, I see a lot of strength in the work community when it’s a good and supporting one. Worrying about your colleagues professionalism shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s job description. 

When at work I believe you should work. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? I’m sure everyone has seen that it isn’t always so. Everyone has their personalities but it shouldn’t overtake the main agenda which is to work towards a common goal. Nobody is picked to fit a work environment for only your personality, you get chosen for your skills, education and abilities required for the job in question. You are expected to get along with different people, people you work with regularly. Often job applications contain a phrase about the applicants ability to “get along with different kind of people”. That’s great, obviously, but should it be something that you just have to do when you are at work? Your personality will shine through but sometimes having a “workself” might be helpful. There are so many different jobs in the world, that it isn’t too straightforward and similar for all. But still, I would like to think there is an etiquette at work you should follow. 

Thanks for following through my ramblings 🙂 I hope you have great work environments with professional coworkers! It is such a big part of your job satisfaction. 


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