Travel: Sa Pa, Vietnam

After crossing the boarder from China into Vietnam we headed to Sa Pa, a village close to the boarder and in the mountains. Most days it seemed we were in the clouds. The village was full of the original tribe clothes wearing women, usually selling their own handicrafts. It was colorful and also nice as the people were friendly and eager to communicate even thought usually there was no common language. The food was good and the sights were marvelous. We walked to an area called Cat Cat with a hiking goal in the the form or a waterfall. Along the way you walked almost through the locals little houses (huts?) and got to play with the kids who were very interested in us foreigners. The locals would walk tens and again tens of kilometers to the villages for the day to earn some money on their handicrafts and with the height differences, I do have a lot of respect for them. Not an easy task in the heights with the air so thin.

Sapa 1

Sapa 2

Sapa 3

Sapa 4

Sapa 5


3 thoughts on “Travel: Sa Pa, Vietnam

  1. Where are you heading after Sapa? I’d recommend Quang Binh a bit further in the middle of Vietnam, where there are the most phenomenal caves in the world. Enjoy the trip 🙂


    1. These are pictures from my previous travels so sadly not on the road at the moment. From Sapa I traveled to Hanoi and then continued down all the way to Cambodia stopping along the way. Travel tips are always appreciated though for future trips 🙂


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