The moment when your jaw drops and all possible words escape you…

I wanted to share a shocking work related experience with all of you. It took me a while to process it and still I can just be astonished that such people exists.

I walked into a school during my work day. It was for networking purposes and sort of like a social call. I had one of those no-words and gasping like a fish on dry land moments during this otherwise very pleasant visit. I sensed the same from my coworker who was standing by my side.

Before I tell you what it was what happened I’d like to tell you that there was a great quote on the wall of the school that said something like this: The most dangerous sentence in the world is “We will do it this way as we have always done so”.  As I have written about the importance of evolving yourself and your skills for a fulfilling and professionally satisfactory career development I was nodding in agreement to this great thought there for all the students and faculty to see.

You must see my astonishment when we encountered a teacher who said he has had enough training and courses that he doesn’t need any more. It came up in discussion about a course we have arranged for the teachers. I wish for his own reputation he would have said something in the lines off “sadly my calendar is too full” etc. The entire course has been arranged from the schools faculty’s initiative. I feel bad for that person. Self-development, I cannot stress how important it is regardless of the line of work you are in.

Thank you for reading through my ramblings.

I hope you have a great week and have amazing co-workers! 🙂


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