Thoughts on… Travel

I love the possibilities to get up-to-date information on travel destinations. How great is it to find out about places to visit that you might not find in travel guides? Priceless. But how much does the negative experiences effect your travels..? While traveling I have met so many people and have many fond memories from chatting about travel experiences and other topics. Often times I didn’t even catch their names but learned a lot about their life.

This encounter happened years ago. I honestly don’t even remember which country we were at, but must have been somewhere in Asia. I don’t remember much about what we talked about but I just remember the absolute dislike towards a country this person manifested for the reason of having a layover “from hell” at the airport there. I’m sad how that one experience made this person feel so strongly towards a never-seen country. Reasons for this bad experience was no sleep and a flickering light.

If this information filled society has taught us anything it should be critical reading. Also good to practice it while listening. 


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