Thoughts on… Work

I hope everyone would have the courage and interest to strive for that dream job. Working with things of your own interest is very satisfying. Feeling accomplished doing the things you are interested in, what could be better.


Don’t live for your work. Have other things to look forward to. Goes without saying I’m sure. But what I have noticed is that when you like your job, it’s sometimes hard to stop or to say no. So take a minute and evaluate the situation. Are you getting enough rest?

I leave you with this thought as I head for a vacation. I have to admit that I do need this time off to rest and to take my mind off work.

There will be travel posts to come! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on… Work

  1. finding work that you love is a huge component to feeling fulfilled and finding happiness, but it’s not the only thing. it’s important like you said to have other things as well. nice post:)


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