Thoughts on… Travel

I have always had that itch to travel. Now that I got to experience a few new countries (check out my travel posts from Slovenia, later on also Croatia) I yet again realized how important all that is to me. Balance is important with most things and I don’t think it is any different with traveling. You might need a break sometimes (thinking of those long, long trips I have sadly not had lately). But to give it up entirely is unfathomable. It is just a fact that working limits the possibilities to go on longer trips. Oh those days when I was a student and seemed like there was time for all sorts of crazy adventures… Any students reading this, take full advantage of your freedom! My latest trip (even though it was a short one) gave me back my sanity. Well, if not to be so drastic I’ll say it made me forget work related stress and worries as well as returned my ability to sleep. All kind of positive things, not even getting into the new experiences I have now.

As so many quotes tell us… When old, you don’t regret the things you have done but the things you didn’t do. So travel and explore to your hearts content!


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