Travel: Road trip maps of Slovenia, Croatia & Italy

I saw a lot in a week. Thinking back it’s quite unbelievable. These maps are something I wanted to do mostly for myself but decided I would also show you guys what we managed in a weeks time, well actually it took us six days to cover the routes presented here. It was mostly visiting places in Slovenia. We went to catch up with a friend of mine in Italy for a day. In Croatia we covered the west coast of Istria. There is a lot to see in a small area so we didn’t drive long in a continuous way, as there were great spots to stop at along the way everywhere.

I love seeing what we covered on the maps. Satisfies the organiser in me.

[The first map represents the first three days. Second and third map represents the drive we did in one day. The fourth map was back and forth in one day (Italy) and on the fifth map are the destinations from one day but missing the route back to the starting point. These are pictures of Google Maps. It was possible to add nine places on the map. If you guys have any great tools for this agenda, let me know.]

slovenia road trip -

Map of Slovenia/Croatia road trip -

Map of Slovenia road trip -

Map of Slovenia/Italy road trip -

Map of Slovenia road trip -



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