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I love my travels diaries. I love taking time on my travels to sit down in a cafe, by a river or on a bed at a hostel to trace down my experiences. Just to have a little time to go through what has happened is great during a trip. 

Recently I read my travel diary from eight years ago when we weren’t living in this social media hype and I didn’t have a smart phone accompanying me on my travels. I realized how valuable those scribbles in my diary are for me. Those memories are much more raw and real via my diary than anywhere else.

I do sometimes think back on those lengthy cafe sessions and smile at the crazy wonderful memories. The memories that aren’t in any social media posts as a perfectly arranged coffee cup and leather bound notebook, but only in my mind and perhaps also scribbled on a page of a worn out notebook. Time, sometimes hours and hours, were spent enjoying the cafes air-condition, big mugs or just a comfy arm chair while writing with a pen purchased in a little market along the travels. Oh how life is different now that there needs to be an expected photo opportunity in there somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love these possibilities to share experiences and I love that I can share my travels with all you out there, either here on the blog or other social media platforms. I just love that I still find the traditional way of travels diaries as pleasing as I ever did and I love that I can now read through my thoughts from all my trips! 

The diary in the photos is one I carried around for three months and quite a few countries. Even reading about the hard stuff that I encountered on my travels is nice to read about now. Valuable memories all in all.

TravelDiary -

TravelDiary -

Do you guys write a travel diary? How do you document your travels or life? 


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