Thoughts on… (Traveling for) Work

I have survived my first work trip! I feel like saying business trip but as I don’t consider my work to be business I’ll go with work trip. It was an international camp where I was the leader of the Finnish delegation.

I know that people tend to glamorize traveling for work. It seems exciting from the outside but usually it seems to be a lot of airports and hotels etc. Of course there are so many variations of business traveling. I got to experience one type. I knew it wouldn’t be fun and games but I also expected it to be work with common rules between professionals. Well one thing is for sure, it was a learning experience!

Being responsible over a group of teenagers isn’t always easy in a familiar environment let alone in a foreign one with many cooks stirring the pot. All in all it was a genuine experience and added a lot to my previous ones from my travels and encountering different cultures.

What did I get from the trip? I saw that even the most influential and determined people can crumble and act unprofessional under pressure and that they do not necessarily have the skills to deal with their bad behavior afterwords. I learned that sometimes pushing people outside of their comfort zone doesn’t equal to learning but to (consciously or not) perform their worst. I saw a lot of skillful and proficient people choosing to be quiet in situations they should have spoken up as the professionals they are. I saw people not valuing their profession and their professionalism. I saw people falling silent from different reasons, maybe fear, maybe indifference.

What do I take away from this experience? With this work trip and many other experiences I have concerning work, I decide to remain optimistic. I have to believe that I can show coworkers and others by example that there is always a possibility to stay professional and to value the education you have worked for. As I am thankful to say, I see happening around me too, thank goodness. Seeing awful practices and unprofessional behavior and/or people it makes me more and more determined to stay true to my professional values and the values that should guide people doing this line of work (or any kind of work really).

Lately these topics above have been occupying my mind a lot. My lack of posts here doesn’t mean I have lost the urge to campaign toward a more aware and professional work self but that I have been really busy doing it in real life. I hope to write more about this subject and I hope it raises thoughts in all you out there reading through my posts. I hope it strengthens your trust in your professionalism and your ability to voice it in your work environment.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to tell my about your experiences traveling for work and other thoughts brought up by my ramblings by commenting below or via my blogs Instagram.

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