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Super extensive heading, I realize that! When I started to scribble down my thoughts for this post I just saw such a combination of things. At work we talk about teaching kids work life skills and after years of that term we realized that kids need to learn LIFE SKILLS or actually that it was what we were teaching them all along! So as I have made a distinction between travel and work on my Thoughts on… posts I think this one isn’t really either but also a little both..! Let’s see if I can pull this together in a post that makes sense.

I hope you’ll tag along until the end as there is such a powerful message attached to these rambling thoughts! 

I remember when I started blogging I was super nervous about writing anything of my own. Even if it was just a line or two about the travel pictures I used to post in between the interview posts. Back then I saw that I had these ideals (in lack of a better word) about work but that they weren’t special and that everybody must think the same way or at least realize their existence. I stand by the work ideals still and have come to realize that due to sad affairs in my work life I have started to be more vocal about these in real life. Now I feel a great passion toward those ideals. I never imagined to be one to try and influence or change things actively to the better. I thought I would just do my job the best way possible and to always try to improve my skills to be a good employee.

Oh how my thinking has changed (though not about being a good employee and to develop myself)! As I started to see injustice and unprofessional behavior at work I of course talked about it. I talked with friends, with family and with coworkers, past and present. It was always the same questions that rose. How can it happen? Why isn’t somebody intervening?  One day it hit me. I am someone, I can intervene. I can stand up and state the obvious. I can defend the values I hold dear and the values that I am expected to work by. I can be the sound that others are too scared to voice.

Someone asked me if I’m scared. I said no. I’m not scared because I fight for justice and I fight for the values we should be following.

This all sounds so idealistic and romantic. You know, standing up for injustice etc. It used to make me stop watching movies or reading articles as it is such a cliche. But the situation arose in which all these cliche statements apply. When laws get broken it is not just your right to speak up but it is your duty to do so.

I’m sure people encounter injustice in many forms in their life, work or elsewhere. These days the statement “it’s unfair” seems to be a fashion thing and people are more aware of their rights than their responsibilities (perhaps a subject of a future post). At least in Finland it seems to be a cultural trait to fall silent in front of injustice at work. Nobody wants to draw attention to themselves. I get that. I am after all raised among it all. But I also work in a field of intervening in things when they go badly. I guess it just messes with my work ethics, not intervening.

Things are still ongoing and I am still eager to see changes. I am nervous but I do believe in justice and I do believe in karma. And oh boy if it isn’t time for karma to hit back..!

I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you encountered similar issues? Do you need advice on a tricky situation at work? Are you unsure who can help you? I know things are very different from country to country and situation to situation. Share your thoughts in the comments or direct message me on my blogs Instagram or Message me on the blogs Facebook page. Let’s make a positive influence together and create professional work environments!

Happy International Women’s Day to you all equally!

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