Thoughts on… Travel

I love my travels diaries. I love taking time on my travels to sit down in a cafe, by a river or on a bed at a hostel to trace down my experiences. Just to have a little time to go through what has happened is great during a trip. 

Recently I read my travel diary from eight years ago when we weren’t living in this social media hype and I didn’t have a smart phone accompanying me on my travels. I realized how valuable those scribbles in my diary are for me. Those memories are much more raw and real via my diary than anywhere else.

I do sometimes think back on those lengthy cafe sessions and smile at the crazy wonderful memories. The memories that aren’t in any social media posts as a perfectly arranged coffee cup and leather bound notebook, but only in my mind and perhaps also scribbled on a page of a worn out notebook. Time, sometimes hours and hours, were spent enjoying the cafes air-condition, big mugs or just a comfy arm chair while writing with a pen purchased in a little market along the travels. Oh how life is different now that there needs to be an expected photo opportunity in there somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love these possibilities to share experiences and I love that I can share my travels with all you out there, either here on the blog or other social media platforms. I just love that I still find the traditional way of travels diaries as pleasing as I ever did and I love that I can now read through my thoughts from all my trips! 

The diary in the photos is one I carried around for three months and quite a few countries. Even reading about the hard stuff that I encountered on my travels is nice to read about now. Valuable memories all in all.

TravelDiary -

TravelDiary -

Do you guys write a travel diary? How do you document your travels or life? 


Thoughts on… Work

I hope everyone would have the courage and interest to strive for that dream job. Working with things of your own interest is very satisfying. Feeling accomplished doing the things you are interested in, what could be better.


Don’t live for your work. Have other things to look forward to. Goes without saying I’m sure. But what I have noticed is that when you like your job, it’s sometimes hard to stop or to say no. So take a minute and evaluate the situation. Are you getting enough rest?

I leave you with this thought as I head for a vacation. I have to admit that I do need this time off to rest and to take my mind off work.

There will be travel posts to come! 🙂

Thoughts on… Travel

I love the possibilities to get up-to-date information on travel destinations. How great is it to find out about places to visit that you might not find in travel guides? Priceless. But how much does the negative experiences effect your travels..? While traveling I have met so many people and have many fond memories from chatting about travel experiences and other topics. Often times I didn’t even catch their names but learned a lot about their life.

This encounter happened years ago. I honestly don’t even remember which country we were at, but must have been somewhere in Asia. I don’t remember much about what we talked about but I just remember the absolute dislike towards a country this person manifested for the reason of having a layover “from hell” at the airport there. I’m sad how that one experience made this person feel so strongly towards a never-seen country. Reasons for this bad experience was no sleep and a flickering light.

If this information filled society has taught us anything it should be critical reading. Also good to practice it while listening. 

Thoughts on…

Trying something new. I have a structure I try to follow with my posts and thought I would start this new bit called “Thoughts on…”, which can be either about work or travel (and who knows where it will take me in the long run). In the beginning I was very hesitant about writing something of my own but now it doesn’t seem as scary. With these thoughts -posts I will try my hand in writing and sharing work and travel related topics with you all and hopefully eliminating any hesitation towards writing. 

Work has taken a lot of my time lately and sitting down to work on blog posts hasn’t always been the first on my mind when I do have a moment for myself. I am glad that I have found some great blogs to follow and with the WordPress app it is easy to keep up with them on the go. Writing on the other hand takes a little more concentration and my laptop. Reading great posts about blogging and it’s challenges (if it’s writers block or a busy schedule or something else) have opened my thoughts to all that regarding myself as a blogger. From the beginning I knew I want to shape my blog along the way. I started my blog for a quite specific goal that has in a way been reached now. I have realized I grew to like this topic of work and travel and by making changes to my blog and by not being too strict with it all, I think it has found a more permanent place in my life.

Thank you all for having an interest in my blog. I never thought this blogging environment and community would have such a special place in my heart.

Long introduction to all this… First “Thoughts on…” post up tomorrow!