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Bad attitudes will ruin your team. 

Terry Bradshaw


Thoughts on… Work

I hope everyone would have the courage and interest to strive for that dream job. Working with things of your own interest is very satisfying. Feeling accomplished doing the things you are interested in, what could be better.


Don’t live for your work. Have other things to look forward to. Goes without saying I’m sure. But what I have noticed is that when you like your job, it’s sometimes hard to stop or to say no. So take a minute and evaluate the situation. Are you getting enough rest?

I leave you with this thought as I head for a vacation. I have to admit that I do need this time off to rest and to take my mind off work.

There will be travel posts to come! 🙂

The moment when your jaw drops and all possible words escape you…

I wanted to share a shocking work related experience with all of you. It took me a while to process it and still I can just be astonished that such people exists.

I walked into a school during my work day. It was for networking purposes and sort of like a social call. I had one of those no-words and gasping like a fish on dry land moments during this otherwise very pleasant visit. I sensed the same from my coworker who was standing by my side.

Before I tell you what it was what happened I’d like to tell you that there was a great quote on the wall of the school that said something like this: The most dangerous sentence in the world is “We will do it this way as we have always done so”.  As I have written about the importance of evolving yourself and your skills for a fulfilling and professionally satisfactory career development I was nodding in agreement to this great thought there for all the students and faculty to see.

You must see my astonishment when we encountered a teacher who said he has had enough training and courses that he doesn’t need any more. It came up in discussion about a course we have arranged for the teachers. I wish for his own reputation he would have said something in the lines off “sadly my calendar is too full” etc. The entire course has been arranged from the schools faculty’s initiative. I feel bad for that person. Self-development, I cannot stress how important it is regardless of the line of work you are in.

Thank you for reading through my ramblings.

I hope you have a great week and have amazing co-workers! 🙂

Workself – is it a thing?

I have always been the emotional type and in the beginning of my work career I surprised myself by discovering a very professional “workself”, I’d like to say cold even but can’t as caregiving is kind of what I do. I think it is a way of handling all the hard cases I encounter, I can be caring and helpful without worrying about the awful situations after work. Also working with a lot of different people as my customers, I see a lot of strength in the work community when it’s a good and supporting one. Worrying about your colleagues professionalism shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s job description. 

When at work I believe you should work. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? I’m sure everyone has seen that it isn’t always so. Everyone has their personalities but it shouldn’t overtake the main agenda which is to work towards a common goal. Nobody is picked to fit a work environment for only your personality, you get chosen for your skills, education and abilities required for the job in question. You are expected to get along with different people, people you work with regularly. Often job applications contain a phrase about the applicants ability to “get along with different kind of people”. That’s great, obviously, but should it be something that you just have to do when you are at work? Your personality will shine through but sometimes having a “workself” might be helpful. There are so many different jobs in the world, that it isn’t too straightforward and similar for all. But still, I would like to think there is an etiquette at work you should follow. 

Thanks for following through my ramblings 🙂 I hope you have great work environments with professional coworkers! It is such a big part of your job satisfaction. 

Craving for a boring day at work…

Lately I have found myself thinking about stability regarding work more in-depth. To this day I have had two permanent work contracts and currently I do not. I’m sure there are many differences between countries when it comes to the type of contracts you get for your work as I know there are many variations already here in Finland. There are many changes happening in the world of work and it seems to me that people need to get on board with this continuously changing environment. How else would it be possible to cope? Am I too late to change my mind about work stability? And why am I thinking about this now?

The reason I’m writing about this subject is because I have faced many unexpected and unimaginable issues in a short period of time. Before I have always loved change as for me it meant new and exciting challenges. I always embraced them. They might always be pleasant but at least then you know and have the experience from it. Now I catch myself wishing for a little more stability. I do remind myself that this is work and I need be ready to evolve, but now there just is so much now I feel I can’t catch up. I always want to preform my best and now even though it has only been a couple of moments where I felt like I didn’t reach my customary level or performance I am using a lot of time to reflect on the matter as it feels strange to feel disappointed in myself.

One main thing said about the requirements for work today is flexibility and the ability to tolerate change. And no wonder. Companies need to save in this economical situation which means cuts and that means changes and added work loads to the “little people” as in the force keeping the business running… Sometimes things you usually realize about your own abilities need to be pointed out by someone looking in from the outside. Don’t push yourself to the limit, but if you do, be smart and demand some recovery time for yourself as well. And take in the feedback you get from co-workers and loved ones. They might see things you haven’t yet.

Having a million side tracked thoughts about the issue at hand, I think my thoughts about stability is a sign of needing to cut back and perhaps to cut myself a little slack, not to demand too much from myself. I want to feel good about what I do, I want to be able to stand by the work I do. I give it my all, but perhaps I have now experienced a little preview about what a road to a burn out might be like. By no means have I been at that point yet, but I think I have been shaken awake and I have started to reflect on my own well-being when it comes to work. Momentarily I got too busy to take deep breaths and leave out the negativity and concentrate on the positive. I encounter so many people at work, that I want to always walk away from a new person thinking I managed to give them a positive experience. That’s kind of the whole point of my job. So let that be my conscious work goal for the next month.

Summer and vacations are fast approaching and I can’t wait for it. But I don’t want to escape work having to face the same issues when I go back and I don’t want you to have to either. Take a few deep breaths with me, reflect on you well-being and set goals for performing better at work and feeling good about yourself after work as well.

All the best for your spring! Take care of yourself and help your loved ones and co-workers do the same.

Starting At A New Job

I talk about finding your dream job and not settling for substitutes. I hope I have provided at least a little encouragement to explore your thoughts about your current job or about your dream about that next one.

I’m sure you feel differently about your work from day to day. There will be great days, insignificant days and terrible days. You might pass through some days or weeks without realizing what has happened and then other times that you are conscious about everything all the time, good or bad.

What I have noticed is that people are scared to reach for their dreams but they are also scared to say they are happy and that they are living their dream. Seems like sometimes people think that others aren’t meant to have things better than themselves. Admitting you are happy can be frowned upon. It is such a sad world where people lack the ability to be happy for others. So lets be happy for our friends, family and even those outside of these two categories. Then we can rejoice about our own achievements and get congratulated on them too! Small achievements are worth celebrating as well, don’t forget to rejoice about them as well as the big ones.

These things are quite self evident but I find saying them out loud once in a while helpful. Like pulling them out into consciousness and reflecting on your life regarding the topic.

So, landing that job you were reaching for, the dream or the step towards it. Starting at the new job is exciting, you nailed the interview or had the right connections. However it went down, congratulations on the new job! It is always an achievement. It might not be the ultimate dream job, but it is a step towards it as long as you don’t stop striving towards your dreams. Rarely you get to the dream with one step so make sure you don’t give up and that you take care off yourself along the way!

Some of my interviewees have mentioned the importance of free time activities when your work is demanding. With perhaps a challenging work schedule or just taking a little time getting settled in with all the new that comes along the job, people might have trouble being as active as they have been before. I have seen this many times and I have a settling in period too, after starting at a new job. The experiences aren’t similar between jobs, years and people but finding that balance, having the energy to keep your free time rolling as well as staying on the top of your game at work, is major.

During Christmas I write about taking time off work and how important it is for several reasons. That time I meant taking a proper break in the form of a vacation. But living from a vacation to the next isn’t quality living, you’ll end up being too exhausted to enjoy our vacations. You should have an invigorating free time, meaning time between one work day to the next. Of course some days you might just want to chill at home after work and not lift a finger. That’s fine too. But let’s remember balance! Managing to fit exercise and social rendezvous into your work weeks, are extremely important for you well being and coping with your work load. Having a very resent experience (which is not the first) about the change between being drained after work to being able to have a puzzling free time, I can say with gusto that I absolutely like the busy version more as I have more energy at work and free time!

Weekends are great and I remember living from weekend to the next but now I’ve realized that I’m not at work five days straight but I have time off in between too. Starting to arrange stuff for myself to do before and after my work hours has given me a sense of balance. As if work is something that doesn’t take over my life. I feel this is really necessary even though I like my job and it gives me a lot of satisfaction professionally!

Life is difficult at the best of times so let’s work towards a balanced and fulfilling routine! Share ideas with friends, family members and co-workers. Take care of yourselves!
Don’t exhaust yourself on the route to your dream job 🙂

Evolve And Be Amazing!

A new job. A new title. A new work environment. A new employee. A new employer. A new work schedule. A new work culture. There are endless new aspects in the world of work. Even if it’s the first time you enter that world or if it is the 20th. I strongly believe that change and new has to be expected and striven for even after years and years at the same job.

I wanted to write about this because I once heard someone say something in the lines of that person being “ready” and knowing all you need to regarding their work and saying how there is nothing anyone can say about improving their way to work or even having any need to improve. Insert the image of someone having their mouth drop open, their eyes expand to the size of plates and a nauseated green color to appear to their face. I was shocked and disgusted so decided to share it with you.

There are many different type of people out there and your personality is present at work. I believe in having a separate work-you from the off-work-you. You should impress co-workers and bosses by your work accomplishments and nothing else. It cannot be achieved by telling them you are great, you must show it.

As my intention is to inspire people to make their work related dreams to come true, one aspect that I want to emphasize in all that is change. Always want to expand your qualification, always want to learn, always want to reassess yourself and your work input and output. Surely there are many wildly wrong ways to execute your work and you might encounter people suggesting those to you. If that happens, why not smile and thank them and say you will consider what they said, because if you start closing your ears for ideas you might miss the great ones!

I cannot stress enough how important it is NOT to get stuck in a rut and to feel like you have reached that magical level of “ready”. Even if you work at a very repetitive position I challenge you to find ways to have variation in it. Even if it is the way you greet people or sign off an email.

Learning new ways to approach your tasks and to execute your assignments will absolutely make you a better employee as well as keep you motivated to do what you do (inspiration people)! Of course you should feel accomplished and trust your experience, as well as know how to put to account your experience towards new tasks. But don’t stop there. Have goals and when you reach them set new goals!

Be fearless. If you don’t feel fearless, fake it and it’ll catch up.

If you want to share thoughts, ideas or experiences, comment below. You can also send me messages privately or post comments on the blogs Facebook page