I’m excited you found your way to my blog, welcome!

I am a big believer of constant professional development. As in your personal life I believe you should chase your dreams in your professional life. I want to always encourage people to evolve their work self. I think if people would make bolder decisions to reach their career dreams it would open many other doors as the jobs they leave behind might be someone else’s dream. Put in a very simplified and naïve way of course but to summarize the central thought.

I have been extremely lucky to meet people and have people in my life that give me a shot of inspiration. Reading, seeing and hearing about people striving for their dreams, big or small, is something I have also noticed to help push myself toward my own dreams. Sometimes you get caught up in life so having inspiration around you might be just the thing to shake things up and to the better.

As I also believe that you should have a balance of professional and personal life I can’t keep things too work obsessed. I always have many work related things I would love to write down and post but at times posting about my travels is just the thing I need balancing my hectic work mind. I love traveling and I want to share my travel memories here. I went backpacking for the first time over ten years ago and along the years the photo catch has gotten bigger. I am in awe of this new community of bloggers and readers and fellow travelers, a constant source of inspiration!

I wish you all inspiration and happiness! Life is hard enough on its own, let’s dream big and strive for the best version of it all! And always remember to be happy for others success!


This is me, Essi. Hi!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Essi.

    Life is learning – all the life. Your photo is beautiful and the place where it is taken is gorgeous. I think that everyone who travels between Mikkeli and Puumala stops there. Here is my photo:


    Happy New Year!


  2. Hi Essie,
    What a lovely blog! As a fellow traveler, I understand completely your passion for traveling and gaining perspective.
    I really like your theme of the blog, too! I’ve been working abroad before and will again in a coule of months, so I’m really looking forward to reading more about your experiences.

    xo P!


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